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Boxing is one of the most widely practiced and most recognized of all combat sports. With over 100 years of history, modern day boxing is still very prominent among combat sports fans and everyday sports fan alike, and for good reason. Boxers use only their fists to deliver a flurry of strategically placed strikes and combinations to an opponents head and upper body. However, practitioners who are inexperienced quickly find that although traditional boxers are only permitted to strike with their hands, boxing is one of the best full body workouts around. Learn to use creative footwork, level changes and technical combinations that will not only have you hitting like a pro, but feeling and using muscles that you didn’t even know existed! Boxing is ideal for those who want to have fun while getting fit, or those who want to learn a practical form self-defense, or both! Ladies wanna get fit and learn to box drop by and try a class with the first ever Canadian female pro champion, NABA featherweight champion and world #1 ranked Sandy Tsagouris.


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Xtreme Couture Toronto is proud to offer a full schedule of beginner and advanced Boxing classes for men, women and children, running 6 days a week.Contact us by phone at 416.503.1600 by e-mail at info@xtremecouture.ca, or simply drop by and pick up your FREE 1 WEEK ALL ACCESS PASS today!




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