Sanjit is a bonafide veteran of Muay Thai, having trained in the art for 30 years now, he has over 100 professional fights under his belt. Throughout his tenure Sanjit has immersed himself in the sport over his 9 years in Thailand, having trained and lived with some of the sport’s top fighters and champions (from Phuket to Bangkok). As a person and a martial artist Sanjit strives to be the best version of himself possible and aims to help his students see the same for themselves.


  • 29 Years of experience.
  • Won multiple stadium championships @ 146lbs
  • Over 100+ pro fights all in Thailand-Started Muay Thai at the age of 13.
  • Lived in a gym and trained in Thailand for a total of 9 years.
  • Taught from top Thai fighters from the Golden Era & Lumpinee Champions.