Sam Zakula is a BJJ Black Belt that began training in the mid 1990’s. He trained under Joao Roque (1997 Mundail black belt champ) and Marc Laimon (trained several UFC world champions). He has lived in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Guam and Las Vegas in pursuit of learning and training in BJJ. He has trained and cornered athletes who have competed in the UFC, Bellator and ADCC. He has also cornered Canada’s first UFC World Champion Carlos Newton. As a coach at Xtreme Couture Sam is enthusiastic to train people of all levels. From a beginner who steps on the mat for the first time, who wants to get fit and learn real high level skill to also training professional athletes who have aspirations of competing at the highest of levels. Come try one of Sam’s classes or consider him for private instruction.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (2010)
Comfortable in one on one, small/large group