Man and Woman getting Fit

Being a lifelong athlete in a multitude of sports, Jenna knows that fitness is an incredible tool for building confidence. She believes that our health is our most valuable asset. She is passionate about making people feel good about themselves and specializes in weight management, strength training, athletic training, and boxing for fitness. Being “fit” is simply a combination of good habits working together – she will teach you how to break that down, make it doable, and fun! Her goal is to give you the tools and resourcing needed to help you achieve your ultimate dreams.


  • NASM Elite Trainer Certified
  • Competitive Hockey Player
  • CPR and AED Certified
    • Extensive experience in functional training, clinical rehabilitation, physical education and sports management
    • Seasoned fitness instructor and personal trainer
    • Accomplished athlete on a national team level
    • High level sport coaching experience

    I have always had a passion for sports and started playing football competitively at 12 years old with the Mississauga Warriors. I played throughout my youth all the way through to Ontario Varsity and went on to play in the CIS. My passion for football and athletics on the whole lends itself to my aptitude in health and fitness. I have an extensive knowledge of multiple weight training techniques and I specialize in bodybuilding, power lifting, strength and conditioning, and explosive high intensity athletic training. I take great pride in empowering my clients to reach their fitness goals and achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. My background in kinesiology and sports give me the ability to be versatile in my approach and provide a holistic path to good health and a positive lifestyle. I am dedicated to personal training and educating and motivating my clients to make
    their fitness goals a reality.


    • Certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS)
    • Studied Kinesiology at Concordia University
    • Certified Member of RepsCanada and Can-Fit-Pro
    • Emergency First Aid with CPR & AED

    I have loved training people to achieve their goals through fitness and nutrition for nearly twenty years.

    I have helped numerous women look the best they can be in their wedding dress. I get excited when I see the overall outcome that fitness can bring to people’s lives. It makes me extremely proud to have trained them and helped them look fabulous. I have the heart and passion for achieving goals in life, whatever they may be.

    I love to have fun, but I am an intense trainer and am serious about being successful!

    Let me help you!

    My Motto: “Have an unrelenting drive for evolution, as opposed to a quest for perfection. Perfection is unattainable, however expect excellence.
    In short don’t do…. be. This is a process, not a destination. Forgive yourself for your past inaction and poor execution, become a self directed student of life again, return to your childhood curiosity in a body of an adult and know yourself for the first time.

    I produce independent exercise enthusiasts by providing in depth knowledge on equipment usage, exercise form and techniques, lifestyle management, and the ability to see the joy of exercise.


    • George Brown College
      • Business Accounting Diploma
    • Canadian Forces
      • Basic Military and Soldier Qualifications (BMQ/SQ)
      • Engineer Member Qualifications (3LQ)
      • Primary Leadership Qualifications (PLQ)
      • CFB Ironman
    • Crossfit Instructor
      • Canadian Fitness Professionals (CFP)
      • Personal Training Specialist (PTS)
      • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS)
      • Body Weight Strength Training Specialist
      • Therapeutic Medication in Athletic Training Specialist
      • Advanced Strength and Conditioning Specialist
      • Advanced Power Training Specialist
      • Assessing and Rehabilitating Shoulder Instability Specialist
    • Over 15 years of training experience
    MMA Fighters