Man and Woman getting Fit

Total body suspension training system that allows you to do various full body exercises using your own body weight. It’s designed for all fitness levels. You have to use your core to workout with TRX so you build your stability, strength, balance, agility, and power. It provides greater fat-loss, improves cardiovascular, mobility, and stability while toning and strengthening the whole body.

Youth Fitness Program primarily for ages 11-17 years old that provides team building and confidence. It allows athletes to take it to the next level by training with like-minded individuals in a program that caters to various types of sports training. Involves progressions with Interval training while developing speed, power, agility, strength, endurance, and balance.

Ladies wearing heels while dancing to music with the use of chairs. Ladies will leave the 6 weeks with a flirty choreography to take home with them. Designed to specifically target your abs, butt and legs while feeling sexy as you excite your significant other. This fun workout will tone, tighten and accent these crucial areas of your physique. There will be various combinations of body weight and core movements mixed in with variations of squats, leg raises, thigh blasting exercises, and much more to tone the body.

10 week specialty course to learn the basics of salsa dancing. Includes partnerwork, individual shines & footwork, basic turn patterns, and introduction to body isolations. This course will also include the basic steps of Bachata and Merengue. The cost of this 10 session course is $125 for members or $150 for non-members.

Have you ever picked up a bodybuilding or fitness magazine and ever thought about what it takes for bodybuilders or fitness models to look the way they do? Well now is your chance…this is a comprehensive program for both men and women, for prospective bodybuilders or fitness models, introducing advanced techniques and methods used by the pros to get the physique that get them Olympia titles and magazine covers. This program will focus on body part specific volume training that will shock your muscles. An in-depth look into proper diet, nutrition, and proper supplementation that is necessary for best results. Taught by one of the fitness industry’s finest coach’s that has produced professionals, several top place finishes, a national level bodybuilding competitor, and training partner to 2 Mr. Canada’s and several IFBB Pros.

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