Audrée Charbonneau has been practicing and competing in Muay Thai for over 13 years. She began training out of Westside Muay Thai in Ottawa. She holds a fighting record of 13-1, winning several titles including T.B.A Muay Thai Classic Welterweight in 2013 and the U.S.K.A Muay Thai Lightweight in 2014. In addition to competing, Audré𝐞 has brought several Muay Thai and MMA fighters into the ring and is a Muay Thai referee and judge. She has a deep passion and understanding of the sport and of sharing it with others. She prides herself on her clinch specialty.

  • Kru Poo hoi under Ajahn Suchart
  • 13+ years martial arts experience
  • Certified Personal Trainer (nearly a decade of training experience)
  • Bootcamp, yoga, Pilates instructor
  • Refereeing /Judging Certifications (FQBTA)
  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Blue Belt in BJJ