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kids boxing, kickboxing,Muay Thai coach and assistant adult boxing coach (bio forthcoming)



Mike Imperato is a top ranked fighter who has fought in 4 different weight divisions. He has 9 professional wins (7 of them being 1st round finishes) and has never been finished in a fight before.
He is BJJ Blackbelt, with a grappling record 184 wins and 9 losses; Mike has competed across the world and has received numerous gold and silver medals in grappling at the highest level. He has had multiple fight contract offers with the UFC and is a practicing UFC coach and cornerman.



With over 10 years of martial experience. Sebastian has had over 35 fights, both ameteaur and professional in K1 style kickboxing. Sebastian has achieved podium finishes in numerous international kickboxing tournaments. As a coach Sebastian is focused on teaching strong fundamentals, and he incorporates conditioning, technique drills, and technical sparring into all of his classes to ensure the best development in a controlled setting.

• 30+ Sanctioned Kickboxing Fights
• Numerous Kickboxing Tournament Podium finishes (Both in Canadian and International tournaments)
• 10 Years+ Martial Arts experience
• Trained at Xtreme for 8 years

Matt began his martial arts and fitness journey at the age of 14 years old. He has since won ameture titles, and fought internationally in BJJ and professionally in Muay Thai, and MMA. He has competed in Russia, Brazil, Panama, Thailand, and the USA; and currently competes as a part of the Canadian National Olympic Team for Muay Thai.
Continuing to further his coaching education, he has achieved certification in Functional Range Conditioning and Human Biomechanics. As a trainer he is meticulous with his attention to detail, and believes in a strong foundation of balance, footwork and fundamentals. He is motivated by seeing his clients reach their maximum potential, and passionate about making people better. One of his greatest joys in his job is seeing changes in his clients, and hearing about their progress and accomplishments from them. At Xtreme Couture, Matt seeks to bring the wealth of knowledge he has learned from all his previous coaches, training camps and experience to the table in his quest to help his clients move, feel and look better.

• 15 years working in the fitness industry
• Professional Fighter (competed in Russia, Brazil, Panama, Thailand, USA)
• Muay Thai Team Canada Representative
• Competed in WAKO(Kickboxing), IFMA(Muay Thai), World Combat Games(MMA)
• Training Muay Thai under 5 times world champion Clifton Brown
• Brown belt in BJJ under Sylvio Behring
• Certified Personal Trainer/FRC certified/Functional Patterns Certified

With over 15 years of grappling experience paul has been around the highest levels of grappling. An apprentice of Wagney Fabiano (Head of Nova Uniao Canada) he became the first person to advance from white belt to black belt while training at Xtreme Couture.
Paul has traveled internationally to compete and train among the world’s best. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Paul continues to expand his role at Xtreme
Working with all levels and ages of BJJ students, Paul teaches our Adult Gi program and has been instrumental in creating and developing one of the city’s top BJJ kids programs.
• Certified Black Belt under Wagnney Fabiano.
• 10+ years of BJJ full-time coaching experience.
• Over 15 years of Grappling experience, training with multiple World Champions from North America and Brazil.
• Full time Kids and adult Jiu Jitsu instructor.
• First original XCT member to go from White Belt to end in Black Belt in the GI.

Bernard has been coaching for over 12 years at the club and high school level. Winning over 8 regional championships and City of Toronto Championships, along with a Provincial 3rd place club finish representing Xtreme Couture in 2019.
Bernard personally has been named Toronto District School Board Coach of the year, having started a program at West Humber Collegiate and building it to a point where the school is recognized as a top 3 wrestling program in Ontario (OFSAA). Bernard is fully certified within the provincial and national wrestling association. He has also developed National and Provincial champions at Xtreme Couture. His goal is to one day bring home an Olympic champion that is bred at Xtreme Couture.

-Wrestled for: Youth Cabbage Town Wrestling Club
-Xtreme Couture’s Head Wrestling Coach
-7 Regional titles
– 3 City Championships
– Coached over 15 OFSAA medalists
– Coached National Silver Medalist Arely Totaled
– Coached (In conjunction with Juan Carlos) Provincial Gold Medalist Carlos Vargas

Konrad Tyrakowski comes from a strong striking background in ITF competitive Taekwondo. Growing up in and around his fathers martial arts gym, he trained with elite Karate Kyokushin and Kickboxing fighters from a young age.
In order to prepare for World Championships and continue to develop himself in the world of martial arts, he began training boxing under Syd Vanderpool, as well training in BJJ under Dragan Konjevic.
Konrad’s classes are led with emphasis on cardiovascular/ muscular conditioning as it is paramount in combat sports.

Main accomplishments / experience;
– over 500 tournament fights in various “striking” martial arts
– 4x time Canadian champion (1x junior)
– 2x time world medalist
– coached the world silver medalists junior girls national Tae Kwon Do team in 2012

The head of Xtreme Couture Toronto’s Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs is the UFC’s own rising star, Misha Cirkunov. Misha coaches with the passion and focus with which he competes. He has won multiple national titles in Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Quite possibly the most notable of his accomplishments is his 9-2 MMA record, with 7 first round finishes, 4 taking place in the UFC! Misha trains full-time and coaches out of Xtreme Couture Toronto. He is one the most approachable athletes in the business and is eager to teach anyone with a willingness to learn. Old, young, male or female, Misha welcomes you to join him on his journey at Xtreme Couture Toronto.

Sandy ‘Lil Tyson’ Tsagouris is a pro boxer and the first Female Champion in Canada. Sandy started boxing when she was still in high school where she was consistently voted athlete of the year. Sandy first began amateur fighting in 1997 and has never looked back. After taking on her long time coach Billy Martin, she decided to go pro at age 23. She currently holds a professional record of 13-2-0 with 6 KO’s. She has fought her way to the top and is now a world ranked fighter. Sandy embodies hard work and is always learning new styles and techniques to stay ahead of her competitors and be the best that she can be.

Main Achievements:

  • First ever Female Canadian Champion
  • N.A.B.A Featherweight Champion 2008
  • World Ranked Fighter
  • Nearly 20 years of boxing  experience

Sean turned to Muay Thai in high-school as a way to channel his energy, and what he learned was discipline, dedication and work ethic. After finishing high-school Sean decided to travel to Thailand to train and compete in professional Muay Thai. There, he fell in love with the country, culture and art that is Muay Thai.

In just over 5 years of training Sean currently ranks 9-0 as a fighter and won the Chiang Mai International Muay Thai title during his second trip to Thailand. Sean constantly seeks to share his knowledge with others who are interested in this martial art, and empower them as fighters and as people.

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