Man and Woman getting Fit

A powerful hour working with a large cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle to perform ballistic exercises that achieve exceptional cardiovascular strength training.

Focused on jumping and explosive movements to maximize muscle use while increasing speed, power, and agility.

A mix of aerobic and weight training. The strength and conditioning portion of the workout is based on high intensity, functional movement.

A high energy cycling class targeting glutes, quads & hamstrings. Beginners welcome.

An intense group cycle class for those who want to take it to the next level!

Mixed core workouts improve any activity in life and aids in the prevention of injury, strengthens the torso’s stabilization, improves spinal and postural control while the body is still and in motion, and provides stronger and tighter abs.

Our female only boot camp will whip you into shape using a variety of aerobic, strength and conditioning exercises that refer to recruit training.

A high intensity dance class to help tone your entire body & develop your cardiovascular endurance.

ZUMBA FITNESS A fun aerobic fitness class incorporating different types of dance such hip hop, soca ,samba, etc

A modern yoga system that focuses on dynamic connecting postures.

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